About this blog

I took an unusual route into sustainability: I started out with a maths degree and qualified as a chartered accountant. Increasingly concerned about the state of our planet and interested in environmental issues, I returned to university to study environmental change and management at Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute. Since 2003 I’ve worked for a range of organisations and myself covering all aspects of sustainability. I worked for Bioregional in the early 2000s and again last year, working on NW Bicester eco-town and related projects. I led the sustainability assurance programme for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games at the Commission for a Sustainable London 2012. I was Chief Executive of Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust for three years. Early in 2016, I featured in Friends of the Earth’s members’ magazine where I talked about my new years resolution. I planned to follow Bioregional’s One Planet Living Principles through the year. These are:

  • Health and happiness
  • Equity and local economy
  • Culture and community
  • Land use and wildlife
  • Sustainable water
  • Local and sustainable food
  • Sustainable materials
  • Sustainable transport
  • Zero waste
  • Zero carbon

For various reasons, it’s taken me until May 2016 to get started blogging about this. I plan to use this blog to share information about sustainable solutions and the things that interest me. More to follow soon.

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